Year 1A1A2A3B1B2C1C2C3C4C5
Individual Class Main Subject 1
Guest Teachers 1
Group Class Main Subject 1
Supplementary Technique Class 1 
Project Week 1
Propaedeutic Band
Propaedeutic Audition
Music Production
Tilt Band 1
Ensemble Visit CFT 1
General Minor 1
ArtEZ Big Collective 1
Vocal Ensemble
Duo Class 1
Music Theory 1
Harmony at the Piano 1
Rhythm Lab 1
Vocal Accompaniment 1
Music History
Study Group 1
Interdisciplinary Project 1
Start Project Week
Year 2A1A2A3B1B2C1C2C3C4C5
Individual Class Main Subject 2
- Technical Exam inclusive
Guest Teachers 2
Group Class Main Subject 2
Supplementary Technique Class 1 
Project Weeks 2
Elective Band
Audition 2
Critical Response Process
General Minor 2
ArtEZ Big Collective 2
Tilt Vocals 1
Music Theory 2
Harmony at the Piano 2
Vocal Accompaniment 2
Study Group 2
Year 3A1A2A3B1B2C1C2C3C4C5
Individual Class Main Subject 3
- Technical Exam inclusive
Guest Teachers 3
Group Class Main Subject 3
Band Coaching 1
CFT Coaching
Audition 3
General Minor 3
ArtEZ Big Collective 3
Duo Class 2
Music Theory 3
Film Music History
Year 4A1A2A3B1B2C1C2C3C4C5
Individual Class Main Subject 4
- Technical Exam inclusive
Guest Teachers 4
Group Class Main Subject 4
Band Coaching 2
CFT Coaching
Final Audition
General Conducting
the corresponding competency is developed in this module
depending on the student's choice



Artistic Competencies

A1Vision and creativity
The musician is a committed artist who is able to develop convictions and views in his own discipline and to communicate these in the professional field of music
A11The musician has developed a musical-artistic personality allowing him to make music through an expressive language and professional drive
A12The musician is able to work (re)creatively with diverse musical concepts, styles and modes of interpretation and to further shape these while playing music
The musician is able to effectively and efficiently communicate his musical choices in different contexts and to convey the artistic importance of music to others
A21The musician explores artistic possibilities in interaction with target groups
A22The musician is able to present himself alone and/or in group situations
A3Ability to cooperate
The musician is able to collaborate with others and to actively contribute to a collective product or process
A31The musician possesses the social and communicative skills required to participate in various types of musical collaborations


Musical, Technical Competenties

The musician cultivates a broad range of professional expertise and skills, allowing him to exercise his profession both in the national and in the international fields of music
B11The musician possesses a sophisticated musical imagination which he uses to support his choices in practical situations
B12The musician possesses the musical instrumental/vocal competencies to produce music in a chosen field of repertoire while taking into account its historic and stylistic context
B13The musician has mastered sufficient repertoire (solo/band/ensemble/choir/orchestra) to function in a professional setting
B14The musician is able to master new repertoire
B15The musician knows how to use and manage relevant prerequisites
B2Analytic skills
The musician is able to dissect music (cognitively)
B21The musician is able to analyze aural and/or written music based on his knowledge of rhythmic, melodic and harmonic patterns and forms, and to interpret and perform the music based on this analysis
B22The musician is knowledgeable about the relevant music literature, the historic and stylistic context of the performance practice, and is able to use this knowledge effectively in practice


Professional, Social Competencies

C1Cultural/contextual awareness
The musician pays notice to broader cultural developments in society and integrates these in his professional practice
C11The musician is able to relate his own artistic functioning to developments in music and the other arts and the social context
C12The musician is able to position his own musical activities against the background of broader musical traditions, stylistic periods, cultures and regions
C13The musician is able to participate in the music industry and to enter into contact with other musicians, audiences and potential clients/employers
The musician is able to independently carve his professional niche in the music industry
C21The musician is able to function as cultural entrepreneur of his own productions
C22The musician is able to present himself and his musical product (in terms of content, organization and financial aspects) to potential buyers
C23The musician adopts a professional attitude in his communications with clients and buyers
The musician is able to explore and experiment within his own discipline, resulting in innovative musical processes and productions
C31The musician adopts an inquisitive attitude towards (the context of) further developments within his discipline
C4Methodical and reflective practice
The musician is able to act methodically and professionally, to reflect on his actions, and to give and receive feedback both independently and in cooperation with others
C41The musician possesses sufficient professional expertise, understanding and experience to critically assess his own artistic performance, and to permanently evaluate and further improve his artistic performance on the basis of this self-assessment
C42The musician is able to set realistic goals, to plan and work methodically and to reflect on his own activities
The musician is able to organize and carry out learning situations in such a way that students are stimulated as much as possible to acquire new knowledge/skills
C51The musician possesses the didactic and methodical knowledge, understanding and skills to prepare, carry out and evaluate learning situations
C52The musician is able to design both short and long-term learning trajectories in line with the specific possibilities and ambitions of target groups
C53The musician is able to coach amateur music ensembles
C54The musician is able to create and/or arrange practice material for use in different educational settings