At ArtEZ Jazz & Pop Arnhem, you are given a great deal of freedom to make your own choices concerning your range of classes. The principle is straightforward. After the first year, you can choose freely from a wide selection of subjects, which we call modules, so that you can give your course that personal touch. In Years Two, Three and Four, Electives are reserved for a little under 70 EC (European Credits). Specifically, this comprises, depending on your main subject, in Year 2: 15 credits (for Voice: 16 credits – for Composition: 13 credits – for Composition for Film & Theater: 10 credits), in Year 3: 27 credits (for Voice and Composition: 21 credits – for Composition for Film & Theater: 16 credits) and in Year 4: 33 credits (for Composition for Film & Theater: 18 credits).
More background on this study part can be found here.


Along with the compulsory part of the curriculum, your choices will largely determine the areas that you will be developing through the classes on your course. This means that it is extremely important to think this through properly. Here, you should consult the teachers who you consider to be best suited for advising you. Of course, this will be first and foremost your main subject teacher. But do not hesitate to approach other teachers when seeking advice about their specific professional area. In addition, you will have an interview with a course choice supervisor, who can go through all the options with you and examine them. The important questions that you will be discussing with your course choice supervisor are:
What are your interests? What are your strong points? Which areas are not yet strongly developed but where you feel it is important to improve them? What are your expectations of your future profession and – bearing this in mind – are there areas that you would like to develop more thoroughly?

Please note that a restriction applies when choosing electives, concerning classes from specific curricular domains (you’ll find the domain below – PTCEB – left to the number of credits):
In total at least 6 credits (of which at least 3 credits in year 2 and/or 3) must be allocated to both educational electives (E) and business electives (B). This does not apply to the Composition for Film & Theater program.


Each year during the months of May and June, you will be making your selection from the Electives for the next academic year.
Your selection is only for the next academic year and cannot be altered, so consider all your choices very carefully before submitting your application. You must complete and pass all the components.
In principle, once approved, a choice will also be implemented. But if a module is undersubscribed, consultations will then be held, normally end of August, to see how this can be solved. Typical solutions are: alternative mode of instruction, offering a similar elective or asking you to come up with an alternative from the list. Moving you from one Elective Band to another or to the ArtEZ Big Collective (not very often and due to very very good reasons, such as undersubscription or an unfit instrumentation, only) will be done without contacting you first.

A digital form (My Electives) is used to fill out your choices. You can find that form here. You can browse the electives below and at one point we will organise an “Elective Band Market”, a roughly one-hour session where everyone who is to choose Elective Bands is present. During this session it will become clear what Elective Bands will actually happen. After this session you can fill out the form. Not before, as you need to know what Elective Band(s) you’re in.

Available Electives

To the left of each elective you find the number of credits and the applicable curricular domain for that elective:
P = Practical Classes | T = Theory Classes | C = Community Classes | E = Educational Classes | B = Business Classes

Click any item to find a full description. Please bear in mind that it is not possible to choose subjects which are already compulsory in your curriculum and that courses (also unfinished ones) already in your schedule (Osiris) should not be elected again: