Main Subject Bass Guitar Jazz & Pop 2

Module code
Curricular domain
Practical Classes
Group size
Number of course weeks
Class duration
One 50-minute lesson per week
Total contact hours
26 hours
Study load
338 hours

Form / content / level

Admitted to the ArtEZ Jazz & Pop Bass Guitar main subject year 2.
See Competencies Matrix.
During the main subject lessons the student will develop into a musically, technically and artistically proficient musician who is able to operate in band, ensemble and orchestral settings. Students garner knowledge and insights, developing their own vision on the main subject and on how it relates to other musical cultures. During the propaedeutic phase, students gain insight into the bandwidth of the bass guitar tradition, with specific attention to the groundbreaking role the instrument plays/has played in the continuing history of bass. In addition, elementary bass techniques and concepts such as left-right coordination, tone, equipment, repertoire and transcription will be touched upon. After the propaedeutic phase, the main subject will focus on interpreting various styles, e.g., jazz, latin, fusion, pop, rock, world music and contemporary compositions.
Relation to other modules
See Aims.
Audio, materials for transcription, play-along, sight reading, materials from jazz, rock, pop, latin, fusion and classical repertoire.
Mode(s) of instruction
Individual lessons & occasional group lessons.
Material & Tools
See Content.
Student activity
Organizing a performance (band, repertoire, rehearsals) as part of the annual Jazz & Pop student concert; independently organizing a performance (five pieces) as part of the transition exam audition.

Examination and assessment

Mode(s) of assessment
Assessment by the main subject instructor at the end of each semester. A technical exam is part of the assessment procedure.
Studio/technical exam, assessed by main subject teachers.
The student will receive a play-along CD containing a composition in one of the above-mentioned styles, as well as receive the score, in order to prepare the presentation of a bass part twenty minutes afterwards. During this time the student is expected to touch on the following parameters: form, sound, volume, stylistic interpretation, sight-reading, chord symbols, kicks, 'tutti' notes, time signature changes, and dynamics.
The student should have mastered the elements described under Aims. Specific criteria are: creativity, expression, improvisation, technique, sound, intonation, timing, reading skills, repertoire knowledge, progress, self-reflection, session participation, attitude and lesson preparation
Pass requirements
The student has completed this module if he is awarded a minimum grade of 5.5 at the end of the second semester.
Examination procedure
At the end of both semesters the instructor fills out an assessment form designed specifically for this module. Assessment is comprised of a verbal evaluation and a concluding grade. The instructor reviews this assessment with the student during the first subsequent lesson. Assessment at the end of the autumn semester is formative and expressed in terms of satisfactory/unsatisfactory. It indicates a student's progress in this module. No ECs are awarded and there is no resit. Modules can only be absolved, and ECs awarded, after the end of the spring semester.
Resit options
See the Education and Assessment Plan.

Module summary

This module is intended to prepare students through weekly lessons for the audition exam at the end of the second year, with particular attention for the development of the student's individual taste in music. In addition, students work on their understanding and use of increasingly complex musical structures.