Band Coaching Jazz & Pop 2

Module code
Curricular domain
Practical Classes, Community
Group size
Number of course weeks
approx. 15 coachings (typically, but not always, one every two weeks) plus two recording dates
Class duration
90 minutes (or else if the coachings are distributed differently throughout the year) plus 2 days of recording
Total contact hours
38 hours
Study load
186 hours

Form / content / level

Completion of Band Coaching Jazz & Pop 1.
Mind that it is normally not possible to do two Coaching Bands in the same year. In some cases, exceptions are made; for instance if there is a shortage of bass players, they are allowed to do two Coaching Bands in the same year. If this exceptional situation applies: see also below under "Mode(s) of assessment".
See Competencies Matrix.
Further developing all skills related to band playing.
Relation to other modules
Related to the main subject module and all theory modules.
• Studying and performing self-chosen compositions in a self-chosen style; the coaches provide support in the process of style choices.
• Selecting a feasible repertoire.
• Learning to accompany and play solos in the chosen style(s).
• Improvisation in the chosen style(s).
• Ensemble playing and interaction.
• Solo building, self-expression and band sound.
• If applicable to the chosen style: reading and rehearsing arrangements.
• Developing tonal balance in a band setting.
• Developing timing and tempo control.
• Creating arrangements of covers and/or original compositions specifically for the band's instruments.
• Composing a performance program.
• Evaluating the band's progress and choices.
• Developing rehearsal discipline, decision-taking skills.
• Dealing with technology and the various difficulties that may arise during preparation and performance.
• The tech rider & stage plot.
• The sound check.
• Two days of recording in a studio.
• Bands organize a performance outside of the ArtEZ Conservatory, i.e., at an actual music venue.

Students who have been abroad for the first semester of the fourth Year make an alternative plan for Band Coaching. This plan may comprise a written report of another band they're playing in, including a video clip, a recording, a tour or something else relevant. Under specific circumstances being part of a Coaching Band for the last semester only may be approved if the student has a stronger role than average. In any case, an alternative plan for Band Coaching should be talked through and approved by the head of ArtEZ Jazz & Pop Arnhem or a representative of this head.
Mode(s) of instruction
Different teachers function as coaches for bands organized by the students and in principle consisting of only students. Students can indicate their preference for a specific coach. Each band is also assigned one of the available coaches as mentor.
Material & Tools
Depends on the band's style/repertoire.
Student activity
Choosing and gathering relevant material and carrying out the assignments.
Composing and/or arranging material before the rehearsals.

Examination and assessment

Mode(s) of assessment
Assessment by the band instructors at the end of each semester. Active participation in and output of the coaching sessions play an important role in both assessments.
Mind that, if a student does two Coaching Bands simultaneously (in the same year) the student is assessed only once. So, if a students does a second band on top of another, those activities are considered to be non-curricular and no ECs are rewarded.
Students should have mastered all elements described under Content. Specific musical criteria are: repertoire selection, accompaniment, improvisation, ensemble playing, interaction, self-expression, creativity, tonal balance, timing, tempo, intonation, reading skills, sound, interpretation, style awareness, program, attitude, concert performance, studio recording, lesson preparation and arranging/composing.
Pass requirements
The student has completed this module if he is awarded a minimum grade of 5.5 at the end of the second semester, with a minimum class attendance of 80%.
Examination procedure
Assessment by the instructors at the end of both semesters.
The assessment at the end of the autumn semester is formative and expressed in terms of satisfactory/unsatisfactory. It indicates a student's progress in this module. No ECs are awarded and there is no resit. Modules can only be absolved, and ECs awarded, after the end of the spring semester.
The end-of-semester assessments comprise evaluations of the assignments and performances at rehearsals and public performances. The final grade, determined in a panel discussion among the coaching teachers, constitutes the average grade of the separate assessments of the teachers.
Resit options
See the Education and Assessment Plan.

Module summary

This module gives students an opportunity to form a band with other students (in some cases non-student band members are also allowed), to contribute to all relevant musical decisions, to organize a performance and to record in a professional studio. Students with main subject Compsition have the opportunity to choose CFT Coaching instead of this module.