Conditioning & Yoga

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Curricular domain
Profile, extension and depth: Community
Group size
Number of course weeks
Class duration
60 minutes
Total contact hours
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Form / content / level

Admitted to Bachelor program.
See Competencies Matrix.
The student works on building up a basic condition.

The student learns practical basic knowledge about how to stay fit during a career as a performer. Body awareness is increased.
In combination with yoga, the student learns the importance of balance and the use of proper breathing and focus. In addition, work is being done to improve technic, strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility.
They will learn sport and yoga exercises that can be done at home by themselves, so they can keep practicing and building a healthier and stronger body.
Relation to other modules
Related to all musical activities.
We start with a fitness test at the beginning and end of the 8 weeks. This is to see where the student stands. The class consists of a sports related workout with your own body weight and ends with yoga exercises. The focus will be on technique in the beginning and later on challenging and increasing movement. In combination with yoga, the attention will also be on breathing, alignment and focus. And learn to listen to your body while you can still challenge it.
Mode(s) of instruction
Individual training sessions and 1 group session.
Material & Tools
ArtEZ will provide a mat.
Student activity

Examination and assessment

Mode(s) of assessment
Verbal feedback by the instructor at the end of the module.
Minimum class attendance of 80% is compulsory and an explicit pass criterion.
Pass requirements
The student has completed this module if he is graded "satisfactory".
Examination procedure
Verbal feedback. And a fitness test at the end and beginning of this module.
Resit options
See the Education and Assessment Plan.

Module summary

Build up a basic condition. Learn exercises from sport and yoga to get and stay fitter. So that you as a performer can perform better and healthier.