Educational Traineeship

Module code
Curricular domain
Profile, extension and depth: Community, Education
Group size
Number of course weeks
12 (one meeting with your supervisor, two weeks of observation, eight-week internship, one final assessment)
Class duration
Total contact hours
Study load
84 hours

Form / content / level

Admitted to second year of Bachelor phase.
See Competencies Matrix.
Developing skills that help the students improve their didactic abilities as teachers.
Relation to other modules
This module is related to other compulsory education modules such as Methodology, Traineeship and Teaching Practice.
Finding a suitable location and host teacher for the traineeship.
Completing observation assignments to analyze educational situations or institutions.
Designing a traineeship plan in concordance with the host teacher that describes the learning aims and activities of the traineeship.
Preparing, teaching and evaluating weekly lessons (or other education activities).
Writing structured plans and reports focused on both learning and teaching aims, i.e., for the pupil and (student) teacher.
Two coaching sessions with the appointed traineeship supervisor.
Writing a final evaluation in which the trainee comments on his own learning process.
Writing and handing in a completed report of the traineeship.
Prior to starting the traineeship, the student attends two study meetings where the contents are explained and the traineeship reader is handed out. The reader lists the learning aims and contents of the traineeship and contains concrete assignments with example cases.
Mode(s) of instruction
Lectures, practical and written assignments, coaching sessions.
Material & Tools
Traineeship Manual.
Student activity
Traineeship, writing reports.

Examination and assessment

Mode(s) of assessment
Practical and written assignments.
Successful completion of all practical and written assignments.
The report is well-structured and written with a text processor.
The report allows an informed external party to gain insight into the student's learning process and activities during the traineeship.
The report discusses the process of didactic learning critically and shows the student's personal development.
The student has prepared his lessons in an adequate and timely fashion and has demonstrated his sense of responsibility.
The student has displayed a constructive attitude during the coaching sessions, has taken advice to heart and has shown himself open to criticism.
The student has demonstrated a capacity for self-criticism.
The student has demonstrated insight and creativity in finding ways to improve his own didactic abilities.
The lessons observed show adequate progress.
Pass requirements
The student has completed this module if he is awarded a minimum grade of 5.5, with a minimum class attendance of 80%.
Examination procedure
The assessment committee is comprised of the traineeship supervisor and the host teacher. The traineeship supervisor collects the assessments and determines the final result.
Upon completion of his traineeship, the student hands in his report (in duplicate) and the assessment form filled out by the host teacher, to the traineeship supervisor. Assessment:
A: The report is assessed by the traineeship supervisor.
B: The course of the traineeship is assessed by the host teacher (using the assessment form).
C: The course of the traineeship is assessed by the traineeship supervisor.
D: The course of the traineeship is also assessed by the host teacher (using the assessment form).
The final result is the average of (A+B+C+D), rounded off to the nearest half-point. The traineeship supervisor determines and announces the final result and informs the student of any resit options.
Resit options
In case of a failing grade, the following situations may apply:
the report is unsatisfactory (assessment A): the student is requested to rewrite the report and hand it in for assessment again;
and/or the traineeship is unsatisfactory (assessments B, C and D): the student will receive a new, possibly shorter traineeship assignment.

Module summary

Students develop a practical approach to developing their didactic abilities while teaching. To this end, they will observe a host teacher, who will also let them teach lessons (partly) by themselves. The traineeship is usually taken in a music school or private teaching practice, but other kinds of teaching traineeships are also allowed.
An important part of the traineeship assignment is completing a number of written assignments focusing on observing lessons and actively participating in them.