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Form / content / level

Admitted to year 2, 3 or 4 of the Bachelor’s phase.
See Competencies Matrix.
Students learn to make important, relevant decisions concerning their personal development, depending on their interests, vision, strengths and weaknesses.
Relation to other modules
Variable, since it depends on the Electives selected.
Before starting years 2, 3 and 4, the student chooses his subjects and/or minor(s) for the coming year. By the time the student has completed his propaedeutic or third year, he has a clear picture of the subjects that suit him, in regards to both interests and abilities. Teachers also advise students in this based on their individual development. Although each student consults a course choice advisor, the final decision is the student's own, meaning the school cannot force any student to take a particular subject outside the compulsory curriculum. Electives may consist of separate modules with a small study load (at least 1 EC, but no more than the total number of elective ECs for that year) or, in year 4, with one or several minors.

If scheduling allows, students may change their Electives up to a few months before the start of the next year. Changes are no longer possible once the schedule has been finalized. Modules started must be finished; it is not possible to make changes at the start of or during the academic year.

Embedding in the curriculum.
The first year of the Bachelor’s phase consists mainly of compulsory elementary modules that serve to build a general foundation essential to the development of any professional musician. As the study progresses, the number of compulsory modules decreases while freedom of choice increases. Additionally, modes of instruction and angles of approach become increasingly varied in all modules. Initially, students work mainly on building general knowledge and techniques, with the teacher still having a prominent guiding role. Later on, students will increasingly decide on the direction of their studies. They are also encouraged to make their own choices and to increasingly express their artistic qualities and ambitions.

Compulsory curriculum and Electives.
The department of Jazz & Pop has a set of compulsory modules around which the course is built. These modules cover the entirety of skills essential for any musician, focusing on three important aspects of the profession: musicianship, theory and career training (education modules, traineeships, etc.).

The Electives allow the student to add to his study activities that suit his individual talents and ambitions. Students can select from a range of possibilities, for instance allowing them to specialize in a specific style, technical facility, music education, ensemble playing, applied music, studio work, or multi-disciplinary activities. They could also study a subsidiary instrument, or combine their Jazz & Pop main subject with a module from a different department.

The student chooses his Electives from smaller, separate modules or from the larger minors. The available modules are announced in January or February.

Elective modules are not organized by study year, but as independent groups, or groups assembled from several related modules. Modules will last up to one academic year, though some are much shorter. Students design their own course package by selecting from these modules and partly decide the contents of year 4. Activity forms and duration of modules are determined by contents, which are greatly varied. Many modules have weekly classes and last an entire semester. This applies to the instrumental main and subsidiary subject lessons and most theory modules. Other modules consist of a number of rehearsals and performances over a shorter period.

Click here for a manual how to choose and a list of available electives.
Mode(s) of instruction
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Examination and assessment

Mode(s) of assessment
Each module has a specific assessment procedure explained in the module description.
Pass requirements
The student has completed this module if he is awarded a minimum grade of 5.5.
Examination procedure
Resit options
See the Education and Assessment Plan.

Module summary

Approximately 75% of the Jazz & Pop curriculum comprises compulsory modules. In years 2, 3 and 4, Electives allow the student to round out his course package with a selection of separate modules and/or minors.