Extracurricular Activity 2

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[n]x28 hours

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See Competencies Matrix.
Students learn to independently take responsibility for part of their studying activities, and choose relevant ones.
Relation to other modules
Students may reserve some of their credits for educational activities of their own choosing. We call this Extracurricular Activity.
Example activities include teaching activities (but only if the elective "Educational Traineeship" is not part of the student's program), producing an album, doing a commercial traineeship, participating in a masterclass or summer school, performing a series of concerts, or substituting in a band.
Participating in an interdisciplinary project, that includes not only music, but also another art form or other art forms (such as dance, theater, all visual arts, creative writing, fashion) is highly appreciated as an extracurricular activity.
Students can also take lessons from another faculty or institution.
Students can also earn credits through organizational activities in projects, student councils or course committees, or work (for instance as a volunteer) for music organizations.
Students must come up with their own ideas for extracurricular activities. Once annually, the coordinator will request students to send in a written activity proposal, for which they will be given a form. The coordinator will assess these proposals. In case of doubt as to relevance, feasibility or study load, the coordinator will invite the student for an interview. The same will be done when the student cannot come up with activities on his own. Only after both the coordinator and exam committee have approved the proposal can the student earn his credits.
Mode(s) of instruction
Material & Tools
Student activity
All organizational matters concerning the chosen activities.

Examination and assessment

Mode(s) of assessment
Assessment by the course coordinator of the project(s). Students must inform the coordinator of their planned activities before scheduling an Extracurricular Activity. The proposal must be approved by the exam committee beforehand. Afterwards the student hands in a written report, which is assessed and expressed in terms of pass/fail.
Relevance to the student's development, as well as adequate completion of the chosen project(s).
Pass requirements
The student has completed this module if he is awarded a pass.
Examination procedure
After the activities the student will write a report and hand it in to the coordinator, who will assess it, possibly after consulting specialists on the project topic.
Resit options
See the Education and Assessment Plan.

Module summary

Over the course of the study, it is at times compulsory for the student to schedule extracurricular activities. Additionally, part of the Electives may be populated with extracurricular activities. The number of credits spent on Extracurricular Activity never exceeds 5 EC per study year.