Alexander Technique (Myrthe van Westerop)

Module code
Curricular domain
Profile, extension and depth: Community
Group size
individual and group
Number of course weeks
Class duration
40 minutes (6 weeks, individual) and 75 minutes (2 weeks, group class)
Total contact hours
Study load
22.5 hours

Form / content / level

Admitted to Bachelor program.
See Competencies Matrix.
Freedom and efficiƫncy in movement;
Insight in balance- and coordination mechanisms;
Release of tension;
Open and alert attitude.
Relation to other modules
This module is related to all main subject modules, Dispokinesis and Mensendieck.
Students learn practical skills to improve movement and breathe more freely.
Awareness of habits which interfere with the natural coordination and balance.
Students become more aware of body and mind working together as a unity.
By getting more aware of your own functioning you improve your skills as a teacher.
Mode(s) of instruction
Classical instructions and individual exercises.
Material & Tools
Bodylearning by Michael Gelb, Indirect Procedures;
A Musician's Guide to the Alexandertechnique by Pedro the Alcantara;
The lost Sixth Sense, a medical scientist looks at the Alexandertechnique bij David Garlick; Denken en Bewegen bij Elizabeth Langford;
The use of the Self, by F.M Alexander.
Student activity
Practice of the "active resting position", self-observation.

Examination and assessment

Mode(s) of assessment
Assessment by the instructor at the end of the module.
Minimum class attendance of 80% is compulsory and an explicit pass criterion.
Pass requirements
The student has completed this module if he is graded "satisfactory".
Examination procedure
Resit options
See the Education and Assessment Plan.

Module summary

Practical skills , that help reaching freedom and efficiƫncy in movement.