Methodology CFO

Module code
Curricular domain
Community, Education
Group size
Number of course weeks
Class duration
One 50-minute lesson per week
Total contact hours
13 hours
Study load
43 hours

Form / content / level

Admitted to the second year of the Bachelor's course.
See Competencies Matrix.
Developing a critical insight into existing methods and developing an original method.
Relation to other modules
This module is related to Education and Educational Traineeship.
A: teaching composition for film.
B: teaching general composition.
Discussing beginners education; outlining the different teaching elements and subjects, including theoretical aspects.
More detailed study of a number of selected lesson subjects, e.g., rhythm or harmony.
Studying existing educational composition projects.
Studying the specifics of educating different target groups (laypeople, amateur and professional musicians, beginning and advanced composers).
Cases: discussing the best approach to a potential situation and problem.
Composition techniques.
Literature study based on a list of relevant literature.
Mode(s) of instruction
Virtual classroom video conference with audio where max four students in four different locations and one instructor in another location, communicate by seeing each other, talking and listening to each other equally. The Instructor has access to a whiteboard, application sharing, desktop sharing and document sharing and may hand this privileges to any participants of the conference.
To support the lessons video tutorial about the core information of the topics might be provided.
Material & Tools
Materials by the instructor as well as existing literature.
Student activity
Students choose from the literature list three titles about composition or relevant music theory, which they will summarize and offer for group discussion. In addition, they give a presentation on composing based on one or two of their own compositions, with complexity and terminology tailored to the chosen target audience. Finally, students design guided composition exercises that are easily accessible and have a clearly defined context.

Examination and assessment

Mode(s) of assessment
Students design a composition game and a lesson cycle aimed at a specific target group.
Students demonstrate their command of the elements described under Content.
Pass requirements
The student has successfully completed the module with a minimum grade of 5.5 for each assignment.
Examination procedure
Using an assessment form by the study progress administration, the instructor writes an evaluation and awards a final grade. Prior to returning this evaluation at the study progress administration, the teacher discusses it with the relevant student.
Resit options
See the Education and Assessment Plan.

Module summary

The module Methodology is intended to teach students to apply a methodical approach to their composition education practice. Students are introduced to a representative selection of methods, textbooks and other course materials and learn to use the different assessment criteria of various teaching methods. The group lessons (with labs) focus on the elements of composition that are relevant to the teacher.