Methodology Voice Jazz & Pop 2

Module code
Curricular domain
Community, Education
Group size
3 or more
Number of course weeks
Class duration
One 90-minute lesson per week
Total contact hours
15 hours
Study load
41 hours

Form / content / level

The student has completed Methodology Voice Jazz & Pop 1.
See Competencies Matrix.
Students learn to:
Analyze and critique a method
Analyze a singer and its voice and make a lesson plan for it
Analyze the working points of a given song and have a plan and an approach of these components
Integrate theoretical knowledge while teaching
Work on interpretation using skill and emotion
Conduct a warming up with a natural structure that prepares the pupils for singing the song.
Know at which stage they are working on: Learning the 
song - Exploring - Interpreting
Write methodically grounded exercises and pieces
Write methodically grounded 3-part vocal arrangements
Accompany their students at the piano adequately
Devise a lesson series for beginners of different target groups
Students are able to compose their own learning trajectory with appropriate content for the different phases, including a learning program, methodology and didactic work forms. By means of peer review and practical assignments, they develop insight into their own identity as a teacher and a general vision on music education
Relation to other modules
The contents of this module follow where Education left off
Lessons based on the topics listed under Aims, as well as assignments based on the materials discussed.
Mode(s) of instruction
Group lessons, assignments and presentations.
Material & Tools
All of the necessary learning materials can be found on the ELO (electronic learning environment) under Education Modules.
Student activity
Making assignments, giving presentations, offering feedback, teaching fellow students

Examination and assessment

Mode(s) of assessment
Assignments / portfolio / practical examination.
The student should have mastered the elements described under Aims.
Pass requirements
The student has successfully completed the module with a minimum grade of 5.5 for each assignment, with a minimum class attendance of 80%.
Examination procedure
Assignments are graded by the teacher. A weighted average of the assignment grades is used as the final grade.
Resit options
See the Education and Assessment Plan.

Module summary

This module explores the methodology of vocal education.
Students will develop a theoretically grounded perspective on the systematic development of instrument technique. They will study the most important methods for their main subject instrument for beginners and advanced. This module focuses on specific subjects of the main subject instrument, including planning a curriculum and learning trajectory, as well as selecting methods. In addition, peer review allows students to learn about specific educational elements of their main subject instrument through the teacher's experience. Experiences from their traineeship will inform the discussion.