Become Owner of Your Learning (Onno van Swigchem)

Module code
Curricular domain
Profile, extension and depth: Community, Education
Group size
8 to 12 students
Number of course weeks
12 (spread throughout the year)
Class duration
one 120-minute lesson every approx. 3 weeks
Total contact hours
24 hours
Study load
32 hours

Form / content / level

The student has completed Education.
See Competencies Matrix.
The student:
• Can work with a ‘Learning Theme’: a self defined wish for development to which lessons, events and circumstances can be made subservient in order to develop in your own self-chosen direction.
• Knows his or her Talent, being the quality the student is specifically good at. Defining this you can perform your work effectively and choose jobs and roles which suit you best.
• Knows his or her Dragons: natural counterforces, inner voices which could keep you from doing what you want to do if you do not recognise them.
• Has learned how to be ‘Student of Life’. He or she can use and refine the above mentioned principles and develop and bring out more and more of the inner potential, both as a musician and human being.
• Can use the above mentioned principles in lessons and courses he or she develops as a music professional.
Relation to other modules
The contents of this module follow where Education left off.
• Lessons based on the topics ‘Learning Theme’, ‘Talent’ and ‘Dragons’, giving insight in how these principles work.
• Videolessons, texts and assignments to prepare and consolidate the topics.
• Feedback on assignments, both live and in email, to see how the principles work for you, as well as for the others.
• Ensemble lessons with the aim to learn to observe and make use of the above mentioned principles in your professional performance. Goal is to bring out the best in music, communication and teaching.
• Instructions on how to teach these principles with two of your own pupils.
• Doing a lesson ‘live’ and receiving feedback on it.
Mode(s) of instruction
Group lessons, video lessons, text and other materials, personal feedback on playing, communication and teaching.
Material & Tools
All the necessary materials can be found on the ELE under Education Modules.
Student activity
Prepare lessons by watching videos and reading given texts. Presence in the lessons. Completing assignments, giving individual lessons, exchanging feedback during lessons.

Examination and assessment

Mode(s) of assessment
Send in assignments and discuss them during the lessons. Feedback on your own process and to others, showing insight in the working of the principles, both as a musician and teacher.
The student should have mastered the elements described under Aims. Such is to be judged and discussed during the lessons and in personal feedback in between and after the course.
Pass requirements
The student has successfully completed the module with a minimum attendance of 80%, and the assignments graded ‘sufficient’.
Examination procedure
At regular intervals during the course feedback will be given to the student, telling if he or she is ‘on track’. At the end an overall review is given by the teacher both during the final lesson and in writing.
Resit options
See the Education and Assessment Plan.

Module summary

Don’t lose your way in a forest of tips and recommendations but gain ownership over your development. Knowing both your Talent and your natural counterforces makes you more effective in your professional performance. You can refine this endlessly during your career, thus becoming ‘Student of Life’. Click here for a video appetiser.