Studio Technology (Studio Edgetip)

Module code
Curricular domain
Profile, extension and depth: Theory Classes
Group size
Number of course weeks
Class duration
Total contact hours
Study load
112 hours

Form / content / level

Open for students from all departments who have completed Music Technology, except those attending Composition for Film and Theater.
See Competencies Matrix.
Developing studio technique skills.
Relation to other modules
Related to Music technology.
This six-week module consists of a work placement. For this module, students will work on Thursdays and Fridays as assistant sound technicians for the various recording projects at ArtEZ. This will involve the more practical aspects such as positioning microphones, the studio’s "routing" and dealing with a mixing panel and other studio equipment. As based on their progress, individual students may also be allowed to mix and master small projects themselves. Participation in this module depends on the results of the Music Technology module.
Mode(s) of instruction
Material & Tools
Student activity
Producing mixes.

Examination and assessment

Mode(s) of assessment
Assessment by the instructor at the end of each semester.
Students should have mastered the elements described under Contents.
Pass requirements
The student has completed this module if he is awarded a minimum grade of 5.5 at the end of the second semester.
Examination procedure
Students are assessed at the end of both semesters. Assessment at the end of the autumn semester is formative and expressed in terms of satisfactory/unsatisfactory. It indicates a student's progress in this module. No ECs are awarded and there is no resit. Modules can only be absolved, and ECs awarded, after the end of the spring semester. The end-of-semester assessments comprise evaluations of students' performance during the lessons and, if applicable, public performances.
Resit options
See the Education and Assessment Plan.

Module summary

For this module, students will work as assistant sound technicians for the various recording projects at ArtEZ.